Instagram stories let the users share videos and photos to their Instagram Story; this will be displayed to followers of the Instagram account users and to the particular users the Story’s sender follows. Instagram Stories are like Snapchat stories that mean they will disappear after twenty-four hours. Your Instagram Story is issued unconnected from the videos and photos found in the tiled gallery of the Instagram profile. Many tools are provided by Instagram within the application to make the videos and pictures you add to your Story more engaging and creative. 


A ton of value and engagement can drive Instagram Stories to share a story from your profile or a brand account. Instagram Story was launched in the year 2016. By publishing content on the Instagram story, a lot of brands and businesses have seen considerable success.  Before disappearing, Instagram Stories last up to twenty-four hours on your Instagram profile. And the length of Instagram story videos can be up to fifteen seconds. That means the videos and the photos only have a time limit of fifteen seconds. If you want to use more than fifteen seconds of videos, you can split them into fifteen-second videos and add them to your Story so that they will play one video after another. You can also use third-party applications to make seamless videos. Buy Instagram Story views instantly from service.

When you are on the Instagram application on your mobile, the stories feature displays at the top of your Instagram screen. When users open Instagram, stories are the first thing that users see often. These Instagram stories get you a ton of values and engagement rate, so  Buy Instagram Story views to grab more views for your Story.  And also, it will help you to advertise your regular Instagram posts to much more users.


Open your Instagram application on mobile devices to begin viewing the Instagram stories, and just click on the home icon on the left-hand side corner of your screen’s foot. On desktop sites, users won’t be allowed to view Instagram Stories. 


  • Open the Instagram application and tap on the icon “camera” in your mobile’s top left-hand side corner.
  • Share your videos or photos by selecting the camera lens to capture a video or image in the application.
  • Or you can also choose an already captured video or photo by swiping up on the screen to browse your mobile gallery.
  • Tap the option “next” or “your story” to share your video and photos to your Instagram story and other users or friends at the same time once you have edited your video or picture.


There are different options available on Instagram. They are hands-free, stop motion rewind, superzoom, boomerang, normal and live. By tapping on the “save” options, you can also save your edited video and photo to your mobile gallery. The “save” option is located at the bottom left-hand side corner.