How To Create Epic Instagram Reels For Your Brand

Instagram has many features such as IGTV, stories,  posts on a profile page, and Instagram launched a new feature that helps create 15-30 seconds videos with GIFs, music, text, etc. It’s called an Instagram Reels. 

Instagram Reels are similar to TikTok videos. Business people and influencers have begun to use Instagram Reel to attract new followers, get their attention to engage them on your page, and strengthen their businesses. Creating a Reel is a simple process if you know how to use features like add filters, adjust the video speed and music for suitable background audio for your content.  Here are the top tips for how to create Instagram Reels to grow your industry.

Add Transitions On Your Reel 

You can use transitions to overlap your clips from one clip to another slightly, and It seems to be done by magic. The film industry has used it for quick outfit changes in the song video, and many fashion brands use transitions to show their product’s outfits and look. There are several ways to create transition videos, use those things to attract followers.

Use AR Filters

Computer-generated graphics that are designed layer or imaginary things to add the background or foreground of your image which is called Augmented Reality Filters (AR Filters). 

For example, if you use AR filters while taking a selfie, you can add things to your selfie that seems like you are wearing a hat or sunglasses. When you use AR filters, it attracts the followers to watch the reels.

Make A Plan To Create A Reels

You know that Instagram Reels is only 15-30 seconds content. Use 15-30 seconds of time to attract followers effectively. So, make a good plan of what things you will share with the audience to explore your brand. Making content as engaging, entertaining, and informative because which is most successful among the audience. Add stickers and text after your recording is done.

Create Humorous Reels

Everybody loves fun and social media users are not an exception. Creating and uploading fun filled videos play a major role in entertaining the audience, keep them engaged and to get your brand noticed among a larger crowd. Now more and more people start to see your brand profile Instagram, and they are more probable to check out what you have posted on reels. Certainly, this leads to boost Instagram reels likes to a larger extent within limited time hence promoting continuous engagement.

Add Effects On Your Content

Instagram features provide a basic editing tool. You can create your video clips yourself easily to use them and post your own content clips. While you use effects on your Reel, it brings your Reels with animation. These things attract your audience, and they will be interested in watching your Reel.  


You are creating the content for your brand niche and targeted audience. So, you can reach a niche audience on Instagram Reels quickly, if your content gets the attention of your targeted audience. Reels are the best place to promote your product and create brand awareness, and it is the best time for striking while the iron is hot. These tips definitely work for your business and try to use them.