Are you wondering about how to increase your engagement rate on Instagram? Follow the below 23 tips to drive more engagement. Now Instagram is the favorite social media platform for marketers. 80% of Instagram users follow brands, and 13% of people use Instagram apps. Marketers are searching for the best ways to increase engagement on Instagram. 

  1. Consistently post content
  2. Instead of preach tell some stories
  3. Building a strong brand
  4. Have a consistent feed with good visual
  5. Choosing the correct and proper hashtags
  6. Create a branded and relevant hashtags
  7. Focus on content, especially user-generated content
  8. Exploring the full range of video formats on Instagram 
  9. Use closed captions and subtitles for Instagram posts
  10. Embrace the AR Instagram filters
  11. Taking the advantage of ad formats on Instagram video
  12. Give a chance to Gifs
  13. Use the traffic of Instagram to increase the traffic for websites
  14. To win the Instagram platform, use SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  15. To create brand authenticity, partner with micro social media influencers
  16. contest hosting on Instagram 
  17. Convert your followers of Instagram into email subscribers
  18. Embrace the stories on Instagram
  19. Add a website link to your Instagram Stories
  20. Effectively use emojis
  21. On other social media accounts, promote your Instagram profile/channel
  22. Add CTAs, anytime, everywhere
  23. Track your best-performing content on Instagram and learn from them. Cover your followers of Instagram 

Consistently post content

To attract new followers and audiences and to boost the engagement rate, all brands and businesses need to be inactive on the platform—Post 1 to 2 posts per day. You have many opportunities to attract followers and audiences to your content. Recommended time for the post can widely vary; some experts advocate to post the content on 2 pm – 5 pm or 8 am – 9 am or post after 5 pm.

Instead of preach tell some stories.

Through texts, videos, and images, you should attract audiences. Instead of becoming a storyteller, increasing the rate of engagement offers some micro-stories through Instagram profiles, Instagram Stories, videos, and captions. People today crave storytelling, and connections are the best way to create this type of experience. People use to buy your product or service and also share with their peers once people feel an emotional connection with your content, whether it is photos and videos. Just think about automatic Instagram likes and become more famous on platforms. Follow some innovative storytellers on Instagram to get some inspiration. Sharing your user-generated content is the best way to interact with your audiences. Recently longer captions have become more popular. Influencers adopt these longer captions. Firstly, they use the captions on Instagram like microblogs.

Building a strong brand

Consistency, creativity, and clarity are the foremost leader for enterprises aiming to build a business and brand and product awareness on Instagram. Try to focus more on core areas like using mastering hashtags, creating patterns for a style that make your photos look fresher, and presenting your profile. You can provide a consistent brand and present the best product and services to your target people by best practices for brand and road mapping your Instagram process.

Have a consistent feed with good visual

A visually-driven platform is known as Instagram that would reward the quality and best content for target audiences. A perfectly positioned toasts of avocado filters with high saturation and visual filters are replaced with the low-key style of editing, earthy tones, muted tones, and candid shots. More than that, your look of posts should be matched with your brands’ identity and appeal to the target audience you are trying very hard to attract.