Everything You Need To Know About Twitter Polls

Twitter polls are a new feature introduced in the recent past as an economically feasible method to poll followers and get their feedback. It allows conducting polls on all topics in a much organized way. Till now poll realtors can host polls with minimum two choices to maximum four choices. 

Creating Twitter Polls

Twitter polls can be created using web interface or iOS or Android versions of the Twitter app. To create a twitter poll, just click “add poll” icon and include the questions for which you want  to collect the opinion. Type in the questions in the main compose box.

You can insert the choices in choice boxes and initiate the poll. 

Voting In Twitter Polls

It is very easy to vote in Twitter polls. On seeing a poll within a tweet, click the option you like to select. Users can see the results of the poll displayed instantly after polling. It is possible to vote only once. People who voted in the poll receive a notification of the final results of the poll. Poll creators must know this in prior and must feel comfortable in the transparency of poll results among all participants. 

Each Twitter poll can range from 5 minutes to 7 days from the time it is posted. Otherwise poll creators may decide the duration as to how long the poll should be live on the channel. An important thing to note is that the default duration for any poll is 24 hours.

Most businesses conduct twitter polls to understand the preferences and tastes of customers in specific times like before starting to develop new products, or before introducing sale deals, etc. Polls also increase the chances for other content in the twitter feed to be viewed by more people. Brands new to Twitter can buy Twitter polls votes to increase account popularity before launching product teasers. 

People who vote need not worry about their privacy because voting happens in private mode by default. So poll participants cannot view exactly which particular people voted. One more thing to note is that not even the creator of the poll can know specifically who voted in the polls.

How To Get More Poll votes

You have to encourage your users to retweet your poll to increase poll votes. Asking an interesting question to your followers can encourage them retweet your poll more times. When your poll gets maximum retweets, it also gets viewed by more people, who cast their votes and might become your followers as well. 

Twitter also allows people to vote directly from retweets. Pinning polls on top of timelines are also said to get more votes. But remember, people can vote only within 24 hours from the time the poll gets started even if it is added to the timeline.

Limitations of Twitter Polls

Photos cannot be added to polls. When this limitation is overcome, it would be a boon for advertisers because they can start monetizing on polls.

Twitter polls cannot be scheduled. But polls can be prescheduled if they are a part of Twitter ads.

Advantages of Twitter polls

They can be embedded inside blog posts. Make sure that your poll stays active for a few days from the day it is initially posted in order to gain substantial traffic for your website or blog.